Thursday, May 05, 2005

Lovely things from Secret Pal!

So, I was home this afternoon with a sick little boy and I heard the USPS delivery truck leave a package in the front hall! I found some way to extricate myself from my little one and ran down to get it. What did I find!! Such wonderful things.
A lovely card with some fiber cows on it! My SP4 is Melissa of The Syntax of Things! I was totally surprised!

And all the lovely gifts in the package were wrapped in fabulous hot pink tissue paper, adding to the suspense! First a lovely tiny box of Godiva chocolates! Next, a hot pink leather cardholder to match the tissue paper! Then, a fabulous notebook with multicolored stars on the cover (some pink)! (I think Melissa likes pink, judging form those cupcake stitch markers, hee hee!) A hilariously scrumptious mousepad, with balls of yarn and chocolates mixed together in cupcake wrappers! Makes me hungry for yarn and chocolate when I look at it. Moving right along....(it doesn't end), a lovely skein of Cherry Tree Hill Glitter Alpaca in "Country Garden", a lovely mix of greens, purples, blues and pinks with a bit o' glitter mixed in! Along with it, came a pattern for a scarf made of the Glitter Alpaca. Thanks, Melissa! Both of the scarf pattern styles are lovely -- I'll have a hard time choosing! And last but not least, The Harmony Guide to Knitting Techniques Volume I.
I don't have any of these so I'm psyched!

Thank you, Melissa! It's been fun having you as the Secret Pal bestower!


At Tuesday, May 10, 2005 8:50:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kathy - you are so welcome for the gifts! (and I hadn't realized what a plethora of pink I was sending you - not intentional, actually, but I do like pink!) I thought that Cherry Tree Hill yarn was so neat, and it said you only needed one skein for those scarf patterns, so I thought it made a perfect gift. Now that it's almost summer (yay!) I suppose it's not the most practical, but I do hope you enjoy it anyway. Thanks for being a fun secret pal gift-ee! :) Hop on over to my blog anytime. (Isn't that blue skies cotton just the best? Yum.)


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