Tuesday, May 13, 2008

One Red Sox Sock is Done

Red Sox Sock

Well, I'm slow but one sock is done. This is one Red Sox sock for Son #1, done in Louet Gems Opal. The foot is too big for son #1 but I think the leg will fit fine, since I decreased some stitches. Because it's a sport weight wool and I was changing needle sizes, it just wasn't consistent. I've cast on for the second sock, using fewer stitches for the foot. Anyone know how to block part of a sock to make the foot shrink and the leg stay the same??

There are some gaps where I changed colors, so I've got to fix that up before DS wears them. He could even wear these for his Little League games, but I think it sure would be hot!

Speaking of baseball, didn't make it to the Stitch and Pitch in Pawtucket alas. I'm hoping for next year. Spring gets so busy with kid activities that it's hard to plan anything else. I also missed NH Sheep and Wool, although I had really hoped to go with a friend who lives in NH. DS #1 really wanted me to come to his game on Mother's Day and watch him pitch, so I did. And he pitched really well. Most of Mother's Day was quite fun, aside from the late-evening tantrums from the kids when we refused to organize a last-minute cookout with the neighbors.

I spent last Friday in the ER, with a newly discovered gallstone! That was quite painful and I'm soo glad it's over. Here's hoping I don't get any others. Umm, I can only describe it as like labor pain except higher up.

While I've been knitting away, I have little to show for it. I finished DS #1's Malabrigo vest and I haven't even uploaded the finished photo. He was happy to wear it when he dressed up as Thomas Jefferson for his Colonial School showcase.

I have been teaching Knitting in DS's afterschool program. The class is mostly 6-8 second-grade girls. They are good learners and are mostly catching on and doing well. Some have the patience, a few abandoned the class. One sweet girl is knitting a baby blanket for her brother out of different colors that I or the other teacher will sew together for her. It's too sweet. The great thing about this class is DS has joined it and is actually doing some knitting. During a recent rainy weekend, I heard the words that are music to my ears: "Where's my knitting?" I could scarcely believe it!

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