Sunday, May 13, 2007

At a loss on Mother's Day.

I normally don't write too much about personal things but this one's too big to ignore. A dear friend lost her second son a few days ago. Now, she and her husband, parents of two, have no children. The pain is so great that my heart feels constantly like it will burst. If I feel so badly, what is it like for her? How does one go on and find meaning and face every day in a new reality? This is an issue we are all faced with at some times in our lives, but hopefully, not in such horribly wrenching ways. Please say a prayer or a hope for her and her husband to carry on.

It leaves me thinking of what I can possibly do. I immediately thought of knitting her a Nina Shawl from Mason Dixon Knitting. It might help provide a little comfort during those tough times. Her son was a dear, a son any mother would be proud of. And the idea that he is not here with her this Mother's Day to celebrate with, it's just too much. All I can do is kiss my little guys and be glad they are here with me and DH.

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