Sunday, February 12, 2006

Cramming everything into one post!

So, where to begin? The sock I was knitting on Size 3 needles (I thought they were 2's) was too big. So, I bravely frogged the sock (got as far as the gusset)and started again on size 2 needles. So, far, it's going fine. I am more hopeful!

I've been all hot on making cookies and decorating them. I borrowed Martha Stewart's Baking Book from the library and made a bunch of Valentine Cookies, then made Royal Icing and decorated them. My son C. helped me. This is the outcome. Very colorful!

I'm sitting at home while the blizzard rages all around us. I can barely see across the street! A good day for laundry, cooking and Valentine making. But, especially for Olympics! Watched some of the Opening Ceremonies which were typically bizarre and colorful! I'm loving the speed skating and am sad that Michelle Kwan had to drop out. You've gotta love her even more for having the courage to drop out and knowing her limits.

I will continue with my sock and forge ahead. In the meantime, in the interest of all types of crafts, I will leave you with some photos of one of DH Bob's wood turned vessels. He went to the Fuller Craft Museum yesterday to see a wood turning exhibit and when he got home, pulled out one of the turned vessels he had made in a turning class. I think it's lovely -- and in the picture, it is filled with old clay marbles that a neighbor gave us. DH Bob is a Valentine baby -- born on the living room couch, no less! Happy Birthday, honey!