Tuesday, September 30, 2008

No Matter What You Do, It's Not Enough

I drive to work in the city and encounter many pedestrians and cyclists. I am a pedestrian myself, once I park my car and head to work. But there's no way to drive and treat a cyclist "right", I've decided.

Case in point: at one intersection, I'm waiting for a left turn light to go green. When it does, a biker in the oncoming lane ignores the red light and crosses in front of me, so I have to wait while he runs the light. No wave or sorry sign. He's just a bike.

Then, I'm turning right on red at Memorial Drive. I have already stopped and let all the pedestrians go, as I should. I wait until a car with the green light passes me. Then, I start to turn. Meanwhile a cyclist going through the intersection (and who I was waiting for) berates me because I'm in the crosswalk and she wants to get on the sidewalk. How am I supposed to know which road/sidewalk surface she wants to ride on? She's shouting at me while I have my window closed. Completely confused, I make a screwy face and cross my eyes. Am I a mind reader?

Ay yai yai.