Monday, December 29, 2008

Holiday knitting

Fair Isle ornament

Here's a Fair Isle Christmas ornament I knitted for my brother and s-i-l, from Moth Heaven's pattern. I used worsted instead of DK weight yarn, so I got a ball that fit the width of the styrofoam ball you wrap it around, but there sure was some extra height at the top! I stuffed that with a plastic bag or two. It's a bit lumpy but attractive. I'd say that it's a success, only it should probably go on a big branch not a flimsy one!

Also made some more Calorimetry head wraps for various members of my family. They were a big hit. Some people like them for neckwarmers instead, which is fine with me. I'm still working on the the So-Called Scarf (the one that looks woven). I couldn't resist some Noro Silk Garden Chunky that was on sale at Webs to work up a quick scarf. The colors are luscious. As usual, my plans exceed my capacity to turn it out. I was telling DH that if Armageddon comes or some big storm, I'll have enough yarn to live out my life knitting. Of course, there may not be enough food or coffee or other essentials. But, damn it, I'll have yarn!

Vacation time = fun. Lots of food, wine, seeing friends. It's been so nice to slow down and not have to rush places. Of course, preparing for Christmas was exhausting, between the last minute shopping trips thanks to bad weather, the wrapping (got up at 5 AM on the 24th to start it) and the getting it all ready. It all turned out well and turned out to be fun, well worth it. And no whining about presents.

Winter 2008 043

Happy 2009 to all!

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