Sunday, August 13, 2006

Catching up

Well it's been forever since I posted. Sheer laziness on my part. And a busy (but mostly good) summer! Spent lots of time with Kid #1. Went to San Diego with him so I could go to a conference, did the zoo, Padres game, saw my sis and her family. Son #1 got to go to Comic Con with his comics-crazed cousins and uncle! He had a ball!

Since I've been back, I've finished up my sister's socks:

These were done in Plymouth Sockotta on Size 2 needles. She lives in California so socks with cotton in them are just great. She took care of Kid #1 while I went to my conference (on her vacation) so she deserves some nice socks!

I came to a screeching halt on Son #1's baseball sweater when I noticed the decreases in the front of the sweater (cardigan) did not match up. So, I'm going to have to frog back to the beginning of the decreases and start again. See what I mean??

Son #1 is also getting red white and blue socks that I started ages ago. They are just about done and of course, for parity's sake, I need to make a pair for Son #2. that's the next project along with a minkie (blankie) for Son #2 to have at preschool for his naps. I was inspired my Ms. Knit and Tonic's project for her daughter. I never got around to knitting Son #2 a homemade blanket but it's never too late!

In a more serious vein, I have also been flat out. My older sis took a bad fall on the stairs at my house and ended up in the hospital with a fractured cervical vertebra (C-1). Luckily, she is up and around and the vertebra will heal. But she needs to wear a collar for 6 weeks and be very careful (no driving or turning the neck). It's one thing when your parents get sick and die, but another one entirely when your siblings do. So, it's been a scare and we are a bit worried about her balance and how the fall happened. But thank goodness, she will be OK.

Off to Maine (Rangeley and Winthrop) next weekend for some well deserved vacation. I plan to work on Son #2's socks and minkie. I hope everyone has had a good summer. I'm back to working three days a week at World's Greatest Engineering University but hope to join my knitting group when I can.

PS -- Did you, my knitting friends, notice that many other major league baseball teams have "Stitch and Pitch" events happening at their ballparks that actually *encourage* knitters to come to their games and provide them with wonderful goodies courtesy of The National NeedleArts Association???? God forbid the Red Sox would do anything like this since they sell out every game. Can we get a grass roots effort going to encourage John, Larry, Tom and Theo to consider this???