Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Biding your time is good

For once, waiting is paying off! I had been wanting so badly to buy some Debbie Bliss Cathay so I could make Tahoe in the most recent Knitty. But, I held off until I got rid of some yarn so I wouldn't be spending more money I don't have. And voila! Cathay is on closeout at Webs!! How great is that?? I will be casting on soon. Put it in the queue.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Yard sale blues

So, the yard sale was underwhelming. A lot of work, a hot day and we had it on a long weekend, when many people go away. But, it was good to just get the stuff out of the basement and into the light of day. Some stuff sold, some didn't. I had a bunch of yarn that no one bought. So, I gave some to a friend who is learning to knit. I'm saving the rest to give to Rosie's Place. They have a really cool Arts Initiative that my friend runs. The guests have access to all kinds of arts programs to participate in. And knitting is one of them. So, if you have any extra yarn, it can be used there.

The good news about the yard sale is that none of the stuff went back into the house. DH took two truckloads of yard sale stuff to the thrift shop. I have another load in my car that's going there too. So, it's a start! More culling of things we don't need any longer. A friend told me that one the largest growing businesses in America is -- you guessed it -- storage facilities. We all have too much crap that won't fit in our houses.

Tomorrow, off to visit friends at the beach. A nice break.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

I Saw a Coyote Today

I did! I was driving on the VFW Parkway in West Roxbury (within the Boston city limits but a fairly woodsy area) and a coyote ran across the road headed toward a more wooded area! I couldn't believe it. The first one I have ever seen.

There's an article in today's Boston Globe about a whole coyote family that lives near this area: Coyotes in West Roxbury

There's also some photos too, but I think you need to go to the site to get to the link.


Sunday, May 20, 2007

Moving Along

I've been having tons of fun using Ravelry. It's also forced me to upload more of my knitting photos to Flickr and organize them, so that's a good thing. I've got a few projects in progress up in my Ravelry notebook and more to add, as well as FO's and items in my queue. It's lots of fun. Thanks to Jessica and Casey.

I'm also cleaning up my house in preparation for yard sale over Memorial Day weekend. I'm sure I've mentioned that DH and I are *both* packrats. Two pack rats together = too much stuff. So, we're destashing a lot of our detritus from the past 19 years together (wow, 19 years??), and even from before that! Lots of baby and toddler equipment to divest ourselves of, as well.

And, I am also planning a retirement party for my oldest sister who is making a big change in her life. She has worked for the Commonwealth of Mass. for 34 years, and has a well deserved break coming her way. She has done so much good work over the years -- Welfare Dept, Dept. of Social Services, Child Support Enforcement and Family Court work. All of it tough and all of it so desperately needed. Kudos to you, Mimi. Now, it's time to take care of yourself and have more fun!

To jump on the bandwagon, here are Seven Random Things About Me:

1. I am the youngest of 5 kids.

2. In my young adulthood, I was a complete agoraphobic. Afraid of traveling, afraid of subways, afraid of being afraid. I was a mess. I wanted so much to be part of the world, but felt completely overwhelmed by it. Lots of therapy, medication and years of experience later, I can say that it does get a whole lot better.

3. I love dogs. I love seeing eye dogs. When I worked exclusively with blind people, it was a huge perk to visit people with these great dogs. DH and I adopted a friend's retired seeing eye dog, Alisa. Sadly, she only lived with us a few months before she passed away. She was a sweetheart and served her original owner well.

4. I fantasize a lot about moving to Maine. The older I get and the more entrenched we all become in city living, the further away that dream feels.

5. I want to take a summer off when the kids are older and drive cross country, camping the whole way. DH and I did this years ago for a month, after I finished grad. school. We spent a month on the road and headed west. We spent most of our time in South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming (Badlands, Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Glacier National Parks) as well as parks in the Canadian Rockies. Then we had to turn around and head back east, this time through Canada. It's the best time I've ever had. Thirty days straight of camping, often in a different park every night. What a blast. Every summer, I want to quit my job and head west.

6. I love music and took piano lessons as a kid, but didn't enjoy it. As an adult, I tried to take piano lessons again. But I was distracted and didn't practice. I still hope to try one more time and put some effort into it. I also have sung in local choruses and would like to do that again.

7. I always thought of myself as an introvert, but the older I get, I realize that I am quite the talker and socializer. I think I have to thank my late dad, a true Irishman with a gift of gab, for that.

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

At a loss on Mother's Day.

I normally don't write too much about personal things but this one's too big to ignore. A dear friend lost her second son a few days ago. Now, she and her husband, parents of two, have no children. The pain is so great that my heart feels constantly like it will burst. If I feel so badly, what is it like for her? How does one go on and find meaning and face every day in a new reality? This is an issue we are all faced with at some times in our lives, but hopefully, not in such horribly wrenching ways. Please say a prayer or a hope for her and her husband to carry on.

It leaves me thinking of what I can possibly do. I immediately thought of knitting her a Nina Shawl from Mason Dixon Knitting. It might help provide a little comfort during those tough times. Her son was a dear, a son any mother would be proud of. And the idea that he is not here with her this Mother's Day to celebrate with, it's just too much. All I can do is kiss my little guys and be glad they are here with me and DH.

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