Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ten on Tuesday, one day late

Carole had a great idea for Ten on Tuesday -- 10 dream vacations. I can't resist making a list of ideas:

1. Spain -- have wanted to go there for years. I took a couple of Spanish cooking classes. I love flamenco. Barcelona, Madrid, Santiago de Compostela.

2. Ireland -- Have been meaning to go back (was last there 20+ years ago) and bring my husband and family to see where my dad grew up and visit relatives.

3. Israel -- Have a friend in Tel Aviv who keeps saying come visit!

4. Alaska.

5. More of Canada -- I love Canada. I need to visit areas I haven't been to yet -- British Columbia, Manitoba, Alberta. Would love to see those polar bears in Churchill sometime.

6. St. Petersburg Russia -- I need to see the Neva River, the Winter Palace and those other amazing places from the days of Catherine the Great.

7. Yosemite National Park -- Haven't been there yet. So beautiful, must go.

8. Hawaii -- I didn't think I would put this down but it would be so nice to see some lush tropical place with great beaches.

9. Pacific Northwest -- Want to visit Seattle, Puget Sound, Oregon.

10. Brazil -- the music is great so there must be some fun things to do in Brazil!

There -- that's a good list. Jeez, I'd better get cracking on some of them. Time is passing.

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