Thursday, April 19, 2007

Late breaking FO's

Sheepy Sweater Finished While It Still Fits!

This sweater was started (mumbly mumbly) years ago and I believe it was actually meant for Son #1. It's a size four and Son #1 is now 8 years old. I finished all the pieces a while back -- at least two years ago. But being my usual ADD self, I put the pieces away and said, "I'll deal with the sewing up later!" Later it was.

Then, a while back, I did start sewing up, but ran into problems with the sewing up. Lots of knots and bunched up pieces that didn't match on both sides. So, I had to pull out the yarn and the sewing and start over. This time, I stuck with it. And I did manage to finish yet another knitted item. A big deal for distractable me.

Heck, at least it fits Son #2! Of course, on Easter Sunday, I said, "D., do you want to wear the Sheepy Sweater to Aunt E's?" "No thanks, Mom." Grrr.

Pattern: Yankee Knitter
Yarn: Brown Sheep Lambs Pride in dark green.
Size 4

I'm also working on a hooded sweater for same DS #2 (am I crazy?) in Artyarns Supermerino. I already found a mistake in the pattern and emailed Artyarns. No answer. Luckily, I think I figured out what was wrong with the math but I find the pattern not specific enough. So, be forewarned. The yarn sure is nice, though. And machine washable!!

Happy Spring!! I'm trying to sell some of my stash so I can buy some Debbie Bliss Cathay to make this. Wish me luck!

One more thing

So, I got this lovely postcard in the mail from the Orphan Foundation, thanking me for the red scarf! It was such a wonderful thing to get and made me feel good. Then, I looked at the photo of the Executive Director, who is draped in tw scarves. One of them might be mine! I knitted a cranberry colored scarf in basketweave stitch and the scarf she's wearing could be mine! But, out of 12,000, it could also be someone else's. Still it's fun to speculate!